Thanks to a program of residences, MOB offers crossed looks between the various partner cities, an artist coming from another city being invited to produce film on this site, using a mobile telephone. The short films produced bring to light social and spatial specificities of the various territories, of which they propose a plural and innovative representation.

Selected among the rising generation of multidisciplinary artists, the participants can be architects, multi-media artists, performers associating image and sound, visual artists, video director, or coming from the theatrical performance. They propose an offbeat and sensitive look over the city, associating, during this experiment, their artistic practice with that of the production.

The films can be then diffused on the territory via the technology of the tags 2D and on Internet. A DVD gathering the collection of films carried out is realised and distributed all over Europe.

This program of territorialized residences also associates inhabitants and local stakeholders, through workshops aiming to raise awareness on artistic creation and the stakes of new technologies.

Petr Svarovsky | Warsaw | November 2010
Milosh Luczynski | Prague | April 2011
Irina Botea | Barcelona | June 2011 Antunez Roca | Paris | September 2011
Encore Heureux | Timisoara | November 2011



Dédale | Paris | Tél : +33 (0) 6 31 13 35 74 |

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