Petr Svarovsky

Place of residence : Warsaw | POLAND

Territory of action: Praga                                              

Praga Północ is ten minutes away from the centre of Warsaw. The district lies on the right bank of the Vistula River. The atmosphere of pre-war Warsaw has survived in Praga Północ. Contrast between poverty and new architectural investments is one of the interesting aspect of Praga. It’s turning into an “artistic” district.
Various artists have settled there, organizing concerts, workshops, performances… This district is built in opposition with right bank of the Vistula river, where the most renown commercial, art & culture places are located.

GAMING CAN ENSLAVE YOU! Made in Miotła, Warsaw; november 2010. This film was co-realised with the children of Serduszko Dla Dzieci Association.Serduszko Dla Dzieci is a non-profit organization from Warsaw, focusing on social support for youth, acting through integrative, educational, publishing, sport, cultural and art projects as a countermeasure to social pathology.


Since 1994, Petr Svárovský expresses himself through “Silver”, his virtual identity. Silver is a collaborative platform for the artistic production related to the new media, which began its artistic work in the middle of the 90s. Silver worked in the field of interactive sound installations (Sirens, Amnesty, Dribble, DribbleX), of increased virtual reality (RESIDE, Shadows off Flames), made research on Internet as an artistic medium (ROSE, MegaStasis with Marek Chalupa), and used mobile telephones for artistic projects (TrolleySingers, Intrigue, Visitor). Recent work is interested in art combining softwares, in mobile technologies and street art, exploring the influence of the data-processing codes on the human social behaviours (Flirtman), and seeking the possible uses of phones as medium for the transmission of the dreams.  

An example of Silver & True’s work is their project using mobile phones: “The Flirtman” focuses on the relation between reality and simulation, real people and virtual avatars. The project questions the role of simulation in our everyday life, and tries to transfer simulation into reality. By extracting the play from a computer, the artists change the avatar into a true person who will make the experiment of the real difficulties of the life.





Petr S.


Dédale | Paris | Tél : +33 (0) 6 31 13 35 74 |

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