Encore Heureux

Place of residence : French Cultural Center of Timisoara | ROUMANIE

Territory of action: Fabric

This area has an incredible historical and architectural patrimony, but its inhabitants are victims of social exclusion. Many are retired and unemployed, and most of them are Tziganes. The area is wellknown for its industrial history. The question of urban partition and embedded social mobility are key issues here.

Since 2006, the French Institute of Timisoara organizes artistic activities and cultural in this district, involving the local inhabitants, and in particular the SurExpositions festival. International meetings of contemporary photographs, the festival presents various exhibitions and conferences and aims at showing the rising generation of photographers.

The French Institute of Timisoara asked the collective Encore Heureux to be curators of the edition 2011 of SurExpositions. They thus exposed to the museum of art a photographic work carried out on the spot , during workshops gathering French and Rumanian photographers. Telephone mobile in hand, the architects collected the strong moments of the preparation of the exhibition, and made a film of it.


Encore Heureux also animated a workshop on mobile film creation, gathering young artists and students in architecture, to experiment the creative potential of mobile technologies.

Encore heureux Timisoara
Encore heureux

Encore Heureux is a collective founded in 2001 by the two architects Nicola Delon and Julien Choppin. Based inParis, these special builders explore the world in line with their unusual and atypical projects. The duet stands out because they innovate and criticize; they break the mould in order to reinvent and improve it.

In 2002 they received their diploma from the Architecture School of Paris for a cultural project using the railway network. Since then, their work questions manners and practices in the urban space going beyond the practice of architecture alone.

From 2002 to 2005, they realized ephemeral installations, with tight budgets and numerous restraints. In parallel they developed their graphic work (summary images, websites, and graphic design) aimed at architects. Since 2005 they have participated in architectural competitions and worked on studies in association with famous architects and town planners such as Patrick Bouchain, AAVP, G-Studio…     





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