Mobile media and location have infiltrated our cities and lifestyles. They transform the relationship to time and space of urban residents, influence individual behavior and change in depth perception and use of territories.

The effects of these transformations are still in their early stages, nevertheless, the speed with which technologies are being renewed does not allow to stand back plenty . How do mobile technologies transform our relationship to urban space and the way we imagine it? What are their social, health, economic impacts? How do they affect artistic creation?

MOB thus proposes to explore the artistic and democratic potentials of these technologies, in order to give keys of analysis to the citizens and to allow them a better appropriation.

3 themes structure the project:
- urban realities and urban change in Europe
- awareness of new technologies
- Arts Education and appropriation of new forms of creation

Urban realities and urban changes in Europe: Mob takes part in the definition of the concept of territory while inviting to the reflection on the meanings of the term, in its local, European and numerical dimensions. Working on the representation of people’s own space of life, it contributes to the creation of European and plural urban imagination.

Awareness of new technologies: Mob questions the way in which the artists take part in the analysis and the criticism of the information society and the development of technologies of mass. The appropriation of these technologies by the artistic practice constitutes an average privileged way to give sense again to the act to film on its mobile and to diffuse its contents to the world network of the Internet. This appropriation of technologies also presents a social stake. The possession and the control of the tools of mobility are the signs of social prestige today.

Art education and appropriation of new forms of creation: The digital revolution disrupts creation today and generates new artistic contents and cultural practices. These technologies are largely used in Europe but require to be totally appropriated to become tools of democracy and sharing voices. MOB takes part thus in the emergence of the new artistic forms and their appropriation by the public.

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